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This map and these graphs are visualizations of data collected using the OpenXC Platform. OpenXC is an open source software and hardware platform to pull data from your car and use it like any other data source in a smartphone, tablet, or web application. For more information on OpenXC, visit the project page.

If you are interested in participating in App Challenges visit the Innovate Mobility App Challenges.

These visualizations are compatible with IE9+, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. The map overlays can be toggled via the layers button. The source for this visualization is available on GitHub


Green Line
Overall GPS trace
Red shaded portions
Traveling below normal speed limit
Blue circle
Starting point
Green circle
Ending point
Red circles

Fuel Consumed

MPG Overall

Gallons == ~$ Total (@ $/gallon)

Fuel Efficiency

Shaded areas are where brake is pressed

MPG Cumulative

Gear Position

Vehicle Speed


Engine Speed




Accel. Pedal (%)




Vehicle speed